The Incredible Health Power of Nut Powder

Category Featured In, Health & Nutrition | Posted June 25, 2022

Protein powder has left the gym and gone mainstream. What started as a supplement for body builders and professional athletes seeking to bulk up muscles, is now being used by active, health conscious people of all descriptions. And among the hottest categories of protein powder are nut powders, including wild, sustainable Black Walnut powder, because of their extraordinary nutritional profile and plant-based origins. Nut powders also provide superior flavor enhancements to smoothies and baked foods.

In general, plant-based foods, particularly proteins to replace animal-based products, are growing at a rapid pace. Driving the trend is a growing awareness of the role of food in maintaining health and preventing disease. By 2030, the global plant protein market is predicted to reach a staggering $162 billion, according to recent data from Bloomberg Intelligence.

Protein powder supplements have been in the market for years. More recently, low carb weight loss and diabetes control diets have expanded interest in protein powders.  The increasing popularity of protein supplements among Millennials and Gen Z, coupled with their interest in building health through a balanced diet, also is fueling increased demand for protein powders, including nut powders, over next decade. And growing reliance on sustainable protein powders to replace animal protein to address daily nutritional requirements will drive demand even further.

The rapid rise of nut powders consumption – whether pistachio, cashew, almond, or Black Walnut – is explained by the convergence of two major trends: the increase in the consumption of protein-rich foods, and a preference for alternatives that are more respectful of the environment. Nut flours also can replace or supplement wheat flour in home and commercial baking recipes, adding higher levels of protein and supporting popular keto, paleo and gluten-free diets.

Nut flours and powders, such as Black Walnut, are naturally-gluten free. Beyond simply replacing wheat flour in a formulation, nut-based ingredients like these also provide unique functional benefits that can improve the overall quality of free-from products. Black Walnut protein powder for instance, can help retain moisture in recipes to avoid the dry texture that can often develop in wheat-free baked goods.

In commercial applications, nut powder nutrient density and neutral flavor makes them a natural substitute for conventional flour in products such as snacks, baked goods and desserts, where they also act as clean-label binders. Nut powders are more pleasant to the taste and versatile when compared to other plant-based proteins. They also provide high solubility and are adaptable to commercial bakery products, such as cookies, crackers and cakes. In these applications, nut flours don’t simply replace wheat flour, they also provide a good source of unsaturated fats, fiber, protein and micronutrients like magnesium, iron, potassium and zinc.

Nut powder also is finding its way into products for senior consumers, since it supports muscle growth and strength. Applications include nutritional bars, protein shakes, and flours for baking.

Ready-to-drink supplements represent another growth market for nut powders. The entire ready-to-drink supplement market is forecast to average 9% growth year over year for the next five years.  These drinks offer a high dose of protein that can be consumed on the go without any preparation. They are easily absorbed by the body and promote muscle recovery as well as aid in lean muscle growth.

The growing availability of these nutrition products in supermarkets and convenience stores is expected to increase demand given the exposure to a wider customer base including lifestyle and recreational users, according to a recent report from Grand View Research. Brands also have developed ecommerce websites to market protein powders, and as the demand for protein-based products rises, pharmacies, fitness centers, and small-scale retailers are offering more shelf space. Small-scale retailers and cooperatives also will continue to keep their historical position as a single-source for protein bars, powders, and cookies, which are now sharing the marketplace with big box stores, discount grocery outlets, supermarkets and hypermarket chains.

Among all nut powders, Black Walnuts offer an extraordinary health profile—almost 60% protein — plus high adaptability to various applications. Black Walnuts are a sustainable, rich source of bioactive compounds capable of promoting multiple health benefits.

Black Walnuts—the Bold, Wild Walnut.

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