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    Wild Foods: Untamed Nutrition

    Posted May 4, 2022

    Wild Foods: Untamed Nutrition is Gaining Popularity May 2022 True wild foods live at the intersection of sustainability, good health, and great taste. So, it’s no surprise they’re gaining popularity. In fact, more than one in four US adults follows some type of lifestyle associated with health and sustainability, representing nearly 50 million people. These […]

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    Black Walnuts: The Heart-healthy Superfood

    Posted March 29, 2022

    The Food-as-Medicine trend has put the spotlight on this nutritious, sustainable, wild-harvested tree nut March 2022 If you have a medical condition, avoid certain ingredients, or suffer from an allergy, you probably spend a lot more time reading food labels to find products that fit your diet and support your health. That makes you part […]

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    New Report: The Wellness Evolution—what’s driving it?

    Posted February 9, 2022

    Special Report Black Walnuts Powering the Wellness Evolution This robust, sustainable superfood is the wild nutritional powerhouse among tree nuts The lingering global pandemic has altered lives, habits, and personal perspectives about health and wellness. Food as medicine is gaining mainstream traction as a key part of disease prevention and wellness. This “Wellness Evolution” also […]

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    Black Walnut Crop Update: December 3rd, 2021

    Posted December 6, 2021

    The annual Black Walnut Harvest is complete, with a total of over 20 million pounds of wild nuts picked up by thousands of people in 12 states. The pace for the first two weeks was slow, as most nuts stayed on the trees. Then it picked up, even with a little rain in October, but with […]

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    Black Walnut Crop Update: November 8th, 2021

    Posted November 8, 2021

    The Black Walnut Harvest is still going! The first weeks of the season were a little slow, as nuts stayed on trees and rain dampened the Midwest harvest area, but strong winds and cold air in late October brought down a lot of nuts so pickers have been more active lately. With several cool, nice fall […]