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    Crop Update: December 3, 2019

    Posted December 4, 2019

    Many hulling station operators in states east of the Mississippi River turned in good crops of nuts, whereas the normally-strong states of Missouri and Arkansas were much shorter than average. The Midwest is the only place in the world where Black Walnuts are collected and sold on a large scale, …

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    Crop Update: November 4th, 2019

    Posted November 4, 2019

               The annual Black Walnut Harvest has been going on across the Midwest since October 1. The pace for the first three weeks was slow, as most nuts stayed on the trees.  But last week, with strong winds, cold air and some nice days, the pace has increased -- through November 1, …

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    Hammons Celebrates National Nut Day

    Posted October 21, 2019

    For generations, Black Walnuts have been the wild, more robust cousins of the commercially harvested English walnuts.  The biggest difference between the two varieties of walnuts is the taste.  English walnuts have a milder taste, while Black Walnuts have a bold, earthier flavor, making…