The Benefits of Black Walnuts

“…the nutritional composition of Black walnut shows that this edible nut is a rich source of bioactive compounds capable of promoting multiple health benefits.”
—University of Nebraska Nutritional Study.

There is a lot of discussion around the flavor of Black Walnuts and how that is the biggest differentiator when compared to English walnuts. While there is definitely truth to that, we can’t forget about the incredible health benefits that are packed inside each little Black Walnut.  With the highest protein of any tree nut, Black Walnuts are also low in saturated fat, high in unsaturated fat, contain vitamin A, iron, minerals and fiber and serves as a cholesterol- and sugar-free snack or ingredient.

So yes, Black Walnuts are delicious in some of our favorite dessert dishes, but they are a health food powerhouse that can add a nutritional boost to your diet. Adding Black Walnuts to dishes like salads, yogurt and oatmeal, or by using Black Walnuts as an ingredient nut in fish or chicken recipes, brings added benefits and flavor to your everyday dishes.

Black Walnut Nutritional ProfileUniversity of Nebraska Nutritional Study



“What I love about Hammons Black Walnuts, besides that beautifully bold flavor, is that these particular nuts have the highest level of protein compared to other tree nuts. Not only that, but they are high in fiber which benefits digestive health and they are high in omega-3 fatty acids which help to reduce inflammation and protect one’s heart!”         – Kelly Springer, MS RD CDN



“Not only are Black Walnuts a nutrition powerhouse, they provide crunchy, bold flavor as an ultimate ingredient in baked goods, on top of salads and in many other creative recipes.”         – Wendy Hess, RD, CD

"Ounce for ounce, Black Walnuts have the highest protein content of any tree nut"

Nutrition Facts: Black Walnuts Vs. English Walnuts

With 57% more protein than English walnuts and the highest levels of protein of all tree nuts, Black Walnuts certainly differ from English walnuts for far more than just their taste. The health benefits gained by adding Black Walnuts to your diet are extensive with more studies being conducted on the wild Black Walnut each year.


Black Walnuts
Protein (grams)6.8
Total Fat (grams) 16.8
Polyunsaturated fat (grams)10.3
Monounsaturated fat (grams)4.4
Saturated fat (grams).99
Energy (calories)175
Carbohydrate (grams)2.7
Fiber, total dietary (grams)1.9
Sugar, total (grams).31
Iron (mg).88
Phosphorus (mg)145
Magnesium (mg)57
Potassium (mg) 148
English Walnuts
Protein (grams)
Total Fat (grams)
Polyunsaturated fat (grams)
Monounsaturated fat (grams)
Saturated fat (grams)
Energy (calories)185
Carbohydrate (grams)
Fiber, total dietary (grams)
Sugar, total (grams).74
Iron (mg)
Phosphorus (mg)98
Magnesium (mg)45
Potassium (mg)125