The Future for Black Walnuts

The continued growth of the Black Walnut industry depends on the willingness of bold landowners to invest in nut orchards for long-term economic gain. The key to this growth is planting grafted trees from improved cultivars (tree varieties meant for harvesting nuts) and managing those trees specifically for Black Walnut production.

To help ensure the profitability of Black Walnut orchards for independent landowners, Hammons Products Company is currently working with the University of Missouri Center for Agroforestry, the Missouri Nut Growers Association, USDA Forest Service, Forest Keeling Nursery, and other public and private organizations.

Why Improved Cultivars?

Some improved Black Walnut plant varieties produce nuts with thinner shells and larger nutmeats than trees growing in the wild. With such an increase in nutmeat to shell ratio, these Black Walnuts become up to five times more profitable. And with the demand for premium quality Black Walnuts continually growing, the long-term profit potential for those landowners willing to become growers is enticing.

For an extensive economic analysis and more valuable information regarding improved cultivars, download this guide: Growing Black Walnuts for Nut Production.

How to Gather and Sell Black Walnuts

Many generations of Americans in the Midwest and East-Central states have enjoyed harvesting Black Walnuts during the fall. Memories are made, values are passed down and money is earned, and you too can be part of this long time tradition.

  1. Find a tree or several trees with Black Walnuts. Be sure to get permission to collect nuts that aren’t from your yard (many folks are happy to let people have them).
  2. Gather the nuts soon after they fall and while the hulls are mostly green. Collect them by hand or with our Nut Wizard—a handy nut-gathering tool with a long handle and barrel-like end that picks Black Walnuts up like magic! You do not need to remove the hulls.
  3. Put collected nuts in bags or a truck bed for hauling.
  4. Take the nuts to the nearest Hammons Hulling Location within a couple of days of collecting. The operator will run the nuts through a hulling machine to remove the outer green hull. You will be paid for the weight after hulling.
  5. Enjoy extra spending money and memories made picking up Black Walnuts with your family and friends.