Hammons Black Walnut Bulk Program

Hand-harvested, wild American Black Walnuts are an essential part of a complete culinary nut line and serve as a gluten-free, non-GMO and naturally sustainable ingredient for a wide range of food products. Black Walnuts offer a bold, distinctive flavor, much different than English walnuts. From large pieces perfect for ice cream and confections to smaller sizes ideal for brownie mixes, energy bars and toppings, Black Walnuts work for applications of any size. Top chefs around the world continue to develop new creations using this versatile nut. The unique flavor profile and exceptional nutritional benefits of Black Walnuts also add a healthy boost to a variety of products that health conscious consumers are seeking.

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Black Walnuts Appeal to Natural Tastes

Black Walnuts and Ice Cream: A Natural Recipe for Success

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A Few of our Bulk Distributors

If you are a chef, in food service, or a retailer interested in bulk, we work with several distributors. Most distributors carry our Black Walnuts in 35 and/or 5-pound bulk cases. Ask your preferred distributor about Black Walnuts or contact us about shipping direct.





DOT Foods

Creation Gardens

Dutch Valley Food Distributors

Torn & Glasser

KeHE Distributors