The Perfect Ingredient

Bold. Earthy. Creamy. Fruity. Tangy. The taste of Black Walnuts seems to differ based on the taster. But one word they can all agree on is complex. Black Walnuts intensify flavors when complemented with the right dish, making it a versatile ingredient for savory and sweet recipes.

Chefs, food professionals and foodies everywhere are constantly on the lookout for exciting new ways to enhance their gourmet recipes, and for many, the dimension and sophistication of Black Walnuts do just that. With flavor that’s bolder and more robust than English walnuts, Black Walnuts have the capacity to transform any recipe. Added to salads, entrees, desserts or a healthy snack, the rich flavor of American Black Walnuts turn everyday dishes into exciting signature creations.

Storage Tip:

To keep the freshness lasting longer, store Black Walnuts in an airtight container in the refrigerator.

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