5 Tips to Spring into a Healthier You

Category Health & Nutrition | Posted March 9, 2016

March marks National Nutrition Month, which can serve as a great opportunity to refocus on any New Year’s health goals.  Consider evaluating eating habits to add in more natural foods, and less processed foods.  Your body may be missing some important vitamins and minerals that you can gain by eating more nutritious foods.

Here are a few tips to help you start spring with a  healthy mind and body:

Eat Breakfast – The best way to start your day is with a healthy breakfast.  Look for foods with lean protein, whole grains, fruits and vegetables.  Need something quick to get out the door? Try hard-boiled eggs with whole wheat toast and fruit.  Or whip up a fruit smoothie in the blender – frozen fruit, skim milk, protein powder and yogurt.

Watch Portion Size – This is an easy way to control your weight and indulge in moderation on some of your favorites.  Use smaller plates and eat slower allowing your body to tell you when you are full.  Fill 1/2 with fruits and vegetables, the other 1/2 for grains and lean meat.

Fix Healthy Snacks – Nutritious snacks can tide you over until the next meal without packing on pounds.  Nuts are a great snack full of protein to help you feel full longer.  Enjoy a handful of nuts of make a snack that includes nuts, like trail mixes or energy bars.  These are easy snacks to grab and go!

Drink More Water – Our bodies depend on water to maintain a good healthy system.  Water also gives your body energy and can fill you up!

Exercise – Last but not least, be active! Regular physical activity keeps your body weight and stress under control.  Adding in just 30 minutes of exercise to your day can make a huge difference.  Low on time?  Look for effective 30 minute workouts to do in your home.

Finding healthy recipes can take some time to research.  We’re helping you out with a little recipe jump start! Check out a few of our favorites from food bloggers we love. Enjoy!

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