Black Walnut Crop Update: October 26, 2023

Category Uncategorized | Posted October 26, 2023

The Black Walnut Harvest is going strong!
Warm fall weather is about to change, and many more nuts have fallen along with
the leaves. Most hulling stations report stronger activity this week.

At this point, nearly 6 million pounds of wild Black Walnuts have been turned in,
with 44% from Eastern areas (more than usual). As more nuts are on the ground now,
operators expect the pace to continue with activity very strong for the next 2 weeks.
Of course, the weather could be a factor, with cold temperatures and periodic rain
in some areas this coming weekend. Still, activity should be good throughout the
Midwest as folks get outside and find time to pick up the freshly fallen nuts. 180 hulling
stations throughout Missouri and 12 other Midwestern states are buying Black Walnuts
harvested by hand from thousands of people in rural areas.

Our goal for the harvest is still 13-15 million pounds, so we hope and pray that
the weather continues to cooperate so folks can get the nuts in.
The opening price of $16 per hundred pounds (after hulling) is still being paid in
all locations. Truly, local people have “cash on the ground.” Buying will continue
through early November – with some operators going until Nov. 10.
There’s still plenty of time to get out, enjoy some healthy fall air, create some
memories with family & friends, and be part of this Midwest fall tradition with the
natural goodness of wild Black Walnuts!