Black Walnut Crop Update: December 3rd, 2021

Category Uncategorized | Posted December 6, 2021

The annual Black Walnut Harvest is complete, with a total of over 20 million pounds of wild nuts picked up by thousands of people in 12 states. The pace for the first two weeks was slow, as most nuts stayed on the trees. Then it picked up, even with a little rain in October, but with very nice and dry weather in November. 

Many hulling station operators in states east of the Mississippi River turned in good crops of nuts, producing about 50% of the harvest. The normally strong states of Missouri and Arkansas were a little below average, though some operators had a very good year. The Midwest is the only place in the world where Black Walnuts are collected and sold on a large scale, so it’s something that is unique and special to our rural communities.

We also saw some great media stories about the harvest and the special people who pick up Black Walnuts. Even a few intriguing podcasts covering “all things Black Walnut.” Lots of interest in our social media posts too.

As we finish this important harvest, we’re thankful for all the people who have been part of it – harvesters, hulling station operators, truck drivers, laborers, etc. They’ve built more memories and connected with nature in ways that are both traditional and priceless. 

This season of Thanksgiving and Christmas is a special celebration.  We look forward to spending much of the coming year shelling these nuts for our many customers who count on them. With over 20 million pounds of high-quality nuts, we will have just enough to keep our plant and workers going at a normal pace, and plenty for a growing base of consumers who savor the bold, special flavor of American Black Walnuts. And we’re already looking ahead to next fall, 2022!

Thanks for your interest in this unique, natural, sustainable and renewable gift of God – wild Black Walnuts!