Black Walnut Crop Update: October 15th, 2021

Category Black Walnut Harvest Update | Posted October 15, 2021

The Black Walnut Harvest is really going!

The first two weeks of the season were a little slow, as nuts stayed on trees and rain dampened the Midwest harvest area, but strong winds last weekend brought down a lot of nuts so pickers have been more active lately. With several clear, cool, nice fall days ahead, thousands of people will be out all over Missouri and 10 other Midwestern states.

Through October 15, nearly two million pounds have been brought in. That’s really just a start, as we still expect about 25 million pounds – and there’s still over 4 weeks to go in the harvest.

The high opening price is still in effect; $20 per hundred pounds after hulling West of the Mississippi, and $18 per hundred pounds in areas east of the Mississippi River. That price is likely to change later in the season, so harvesters are encouraged to get their nuts in soon.

As wild Black Walnuts fall to the ground, local people have “money on the ground” – literally. We hope and pray that the weather cooperates so folks can get the nuts in.

Folks can find the nearest hulling station on our hulling & buying locations page or by calling us at 1-888-4BW-NUTS. So get out, enjoy some healthy fall air, and be part of this fall tradition!