Black Walnuts Featured in Blogs & Recipes

Category Featured In | Posted October 20, 2016

Wild-grown, sustainable Black Walnuts are featured in many foodie blogs and recipe websites all over the internet. From health foods to main courses to baked goods, Black Walnuts are a versatile ingredient nut. Learn more about the nutritious aspects of Black Walnuts and how you can use this bold flavored nut in your recipes.

The Black Walnuts in Your Backyard are Healthy

Buttermilk Cabbage Soup with Black Walnut Pesto

Coconut Covered Black Walnut Date Balls

Black Walnut Pumpkin Bread

Steel Cut Oats with Saskatoon Berries and Black Walnuts

Maple Rhubarb Black Walnut Crumble

Roasted Brussels Sprout and Apple Salad with Black Walnuts

Pan Roasted Brussels Sprouts with Black Walnuts

Wild Black Walnuts Give A Variety of Options