Fall in Love with Black Walnuts, Pumpkins and Apples

Posted October 28, 2015

It’s time to bring in the harvest and enjoy fall and winter flavors in fresh and unexpected ways. Rich, bold American Black Walnuts combine with pumpkin, apples, caramel, cloves, ginger, and nutmeg to bring a tantalizing twist to favorite recipes.

This season, sweet and savory tastes are crossing boundaries and getting intermingled across all kinds of desserts and entrees. Black Walnuts are the perfect way to add a distinctive note to autumn-spiced sweets, or a robust layer to savory meats or vegetables.

Although wild Black Walnuts have been part of family traditions since early American days, the signature taste is now showing up in trendy urban venues. This new recipe for Black Walnut Ham Steak Schnitzel with Pumpkin Cider Sauce blends the familiar with the adventurous for a hearty entree that’s also right in line with the Modern German trend now emerging on restaurant menus. The fully cooked ham steak makes it easy, and the savory sweet flavors of Black Walnuts, pumpkin, and apple cider make it a welcome treat for the season.

Black Walnuts bring a delightfully unique accent to desserts, baked goods, and of course, Black Walnut ice cream. This new recipe for Cider Baked Apples with Black Walnuts and Pumpkin-Caramel Sauce blends the sweet and savory, and brings together a bushel of fall favorites with dried figs, golden raisins, and pumpkin pie spice. It’s made irresistible with seasonal apples from your local orchard such as Gala, Honey-Crisp, Braeburn, Pink Lady, Fuji, or Golden Delicious Apples.

Black Walnuts are a wild crop, hand-harvested each fall by locals across the Midwest. The 100% natural, earthy goodness is free from chemicals, pesticides or mass commercial orchards and harvesting. Hammons Black Walnuts are produced in compliance with Non-GMO Project standards. Every part of the highly-sustainable Black Walnut is utilized – from the outer husk, to the hard shell to the delicious nutmeat inside.

October is National Black Walnut Month, celebrated in Black Walnut festivals all across the nation’s heartland. Try these new recipes and a harvest of other recipes to bring the satisfying, full-flavored taste of Black Walnuts to your fall and holiday recipes.