Posted December 21, 2017

Stockton, MO—The annual Black Walnut Harvest has officially come to an end, exceeding the goal of purchasing 30 million pounds. With select Hammons hulling stations opening in late September due to demand, the harvest lasted through late November in some states. In the end, Hammons Products Company surpassed their goal with over 31 million pounds of Black Walnuts collected from 235+ hulling stations across 14 states.

The top purchasing states for the 2017 harvest are as follows*:

Missouri 46%

Indiana 15%

Kentucky 14%

Ohio 8%

*These numbers reflect the percentages of the total amount collected.

Traditionally, Missouri leads the way with the largest harvest, as it was this year. However, bringing in an impressive contribution to the harvest this year were the hulling stations in the eastern states of our targeted area including Indiana, Kentucky and Ohio, who have had near record years.

“We’re very excited that the 2017 harvest of wild Black Walnuts was very good—exceeding our goal of 30 million pounds,” says Brian Hammons, president of Hammons Products Company.  “The crop was very good, especially in the eastern part of our buying region, and thousands of people made memories (and some money) picking up the wild nuts. It’s always a blessing to be part of people’s lives in this way, especially when the crop is good and folks are happy.”

With the harvest as successful as it was, Hammons Products Company is set up for a great year of production. “We now have enough nuts to keep our plant running and employees in our small community working throughout the coming year,” says Hammons. “And we can keep our customers supplied with plenty of these bold-flavored, nutritious nuts for their recipes and ice cream. We’re truly thankful for all those who’ve made this a successful harvest!”

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