Black Walnut Harvest is Here!

Posted September 18, 2015

It’s time to start picking up Black Walnuts – and a little incremental income. Starting in October, Black Walnuts are worth $14 per hundred pounds (after hulling) for enterprising individuals who sell them at over 200 hulling sites in 11 states across the Midwest.

This year, Hammons Products Company is offering one of the highest rates ever for those who harvest and turn in Black Walnuts at the company’s network of local purchasing stations. This $14 price is available beginning on October 1. The price could change later in the month, so harvesters are encouraged to get the nuts after they fall. A complete list of hulling sites can be accessed online or 1-888-429-6887.

Black Walnuts are an American tradition, for both the annual fall harvest and the bold-flavored nutmeats. The nuts grow wild across the Midwest and are hand-foraged before being bagged for Hammons Products Company of Stockton, Missouri. Black Walnuts are a “Wild Harvest of Bold, Rich Taste”. That’s a new discovery on many urban menus and well-loved tradition on countless family tables.

October is National Black Walnuts Month in celebration of the harvest and the array of foods enhanced by the rich flavor from ice cream and baked goods to savory fare and chef-inspired creations. Unlike regular walnuts, the American Black Walnut is a highly sustainable wild crop, grown without the need for orchards or chemicals. For recipes, go here.

Harvesting, processing, distribution and marketing of Black Walnuts is performed primarily by Hammons Products Company of Stockton, Missouri. The company is in it’s 69th year of operation.