The most sustainable foods on the planet will surprise you

Posted April 18, 2023

By Pierce Hollingsworth Check any list of the most sustainable foods from any source. They vary widely, but generally, all have a low carbon footprint, require minimal additional nutrition (fertilizer), minimal irrigation (water), and low levels of processing. Usually, these standards are applied to cultivated foods grown in fields, orchards, or aquaponic facilities. This includes […]

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Why bakery foods and home baking remain hot trends

Posted October 19, 2022

October 2022 Home baking became a hot trend when Covid lock-downs hit in 2020, and it’s not done. Interest in home baking remains strong, fueled by a heightened appreciation for premium bakery foods at home, as well as from the grocery store, restaurant, or even the local convenience store. Here are six reasons why: 1. […]

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Big Demand for Bold, Authentic, Real Taste

Posted August 31, 2022

Today’s consumers are more focused than ever on combining bold new tastes, variety, healthfulness, and sustainability in their food choices. And the trend is growing. “Variety” for many shoppers means new tastes, positive health benefits, and sustainable production. The younger the demographic, the more important this combined decision matrix becomes. And this is where Black […]

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The Incredible Health Power of Nut Powder

Posted June 25, 2022

Protein powder has left the gym and gone mainstream. What started as a supplement for body builders and professional athletes seeking to bulk up muscles, is now being used by active, health conscious people of all descriptions. And among the hottest categories of protein powder are nut powders, including wild, sustainable Black Walnut powder, because […]

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Wild Foods: Untamed Nutrition

Posted May 4, 2022

Wild Foods: Untamed Nutrition is Gaining Popularity May 2022 True wild foods live at the intersection of sustainability, good health, and great taste. So, it’s no surprise they’re gaining popularity. In fact, more than one in four US adults follows some type of lifestyle associated with health and sustainability, representing nearly 50 million people. These […]

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Black Walnuts: The Heart-healthy Superfood

Posted March 29, 2022

The Food-as-Medicine trend has put the spotlight on this nutritious, sustainable, wild-harvested tree nut March 2022 If you have a medical condition, avoid certain ingredients, or suffer from an allergy, you probably spend a lot more time reading food labels to find products that fit your diet and support your health. That makes you part […]

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New Report: The Wellness Evolution—what’s driving it?

Posted February 9, 2022

Special Report Black Walnuts Powering the Wellness Evolution This robust, sustainable superfood is the wild nutritional powerhouse among tree nuts The lingering global pandemic has altered lives, habits, and personal perspectives about health and wellness. Food as medicine is gaining mainstream traction as a key part of disease prevention and wellness. This “Wellness Evolution” also […]

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