Brownies & Bars

Add an extra layer of bold flavor to a mix of brownies, blondies and bars with Black Walnuts.

Black Walnut Brownie Bars

Brownies will never be the same once you've tried them with the addition of Black Walnuts!

  • Black Walnut Toffee Bars>

    Enjoy the three delicious flavors of chocolate, toffee and Black Walnuts together in this easy-to-make dessert bar.

  • Black Walnut Caramel Brownies>

    Take your brownies to a whole new level with the amazing flavor combination of Black Walnuts and caramel.

  • Black Walnut Blondies>

    Add a little crunch and unique, nutty flavor to already crave worthy blondies for a new and wildly delicious dessert.