Crop Update: October 13, 2020

Category Black Walnut Harvest Update | Posted October 13, 2020

The Black Walnut Harvest is in full swing! 

With beautiful weather for the first two weeks of October, hulling stations report good activity. At this point, nearly two-million pounds of wild Black Walnuts have been turned in, which is a much stronger pace than last year.  With most nuts down now, operators expect the pace to accelerate with activity very strong for the next two weeks.  

This coming weekend should be especially strong as beautiful fall weather is forecast throughout the Midwest.  Over 200 hulling stations throughout Missouri and 10 other Midwestern states are buying freshly-fallen Black Walnuts harvested by hand from thousands of people in rural areas.  

The opening price is still in effect — the highest ever at $16 per hundred pounds (after hulling), and $15 per hundred pounds in areas east of the Mississippi River. The price could change later in the season, so harvesters are encouraged to get their nuts in soon. Truly, local people have “money on the ground.” Our goal for the harvest is still 20 million pounds, so we hope and pray that the weather continues to cooperate so folks can get the nuts in.

The Midwest is the only place in the world where Black Walnuts are collected and sold on a large scale, so it’s something that is very unique and special to these rural communities. 

 Buying will continue through October and into early November — so there’s plenty of time to get out, enjoy some healthy fall air, and be part of this fall tradition!