Crop Update: October 16th, 2019

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Two weeks into the Black Walnut harvest season, and things are really just now beginning.  All 230 hulling stations in 13 states are now open, where folks can deliver their hand-harvested wild Black Walnuts

The weather has been fairly good – not too hot or rainy, with some nice cool days.  Unfortunately, many of the nuts have stayed on the trees waiting for a hard freeze and / or strong wind.  And time.

            Many operators in the states east of the Mississippi River report good crops of nuts on the trees, with increasing activity at hulling stations.  So it looks like the next 2-3 weeks should be strong out there.  Central Missouri, Iowa, and even northern Arkansas report much the same – decent crops with increasing activity as the nuts fall.  Parts of southwest Missouri have lighter crops, but there are some trees with nuts – so we encourage people to get out and pick them up when they fall.  It’s money on the ground, jobs for the economy, and food for great recipes.

Our goal for the harvest is still 22 million pounds – and the price is the highest ever:  $16 per hundred pounds (hulled) in Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Iowa.  And an all-time high in eastern states of $15 per hundred pounds. 

Buying continues through November 11, so there’s still plenty of time and nice fall weather to get out and be part of this fall tradition!