CROP UPDATE: October 15, 2018

Category Black Walnut Harvest Update | Posted October 16, 2018

–Activity Building after Slow Start–

The Black Walnut harvest is officially 2 weeks old, and it’s moving a little more slowly than expected.  Total purchases are about 3.3 million pounds.  With an estimate of 19 million pounds for the season, there’s a lot of nut picking left to do!

The pace should “pick up” this week, as cold weather should cause the trees to release most of the nuts, and sunny autumn days should allow more folks to pick them up. Thousands of people will be out enjoying the fall weather and harvesting wild black walnuts for the next 3 weeks.  They’ll deliver those nuts to local hulling stations, earning money for various things from winter boots to extra spending money for Christmas.  We have about 220 hulling stations in 15 states that will be buying nuts through November 5.

Price is still an all-time high of $15 in Missouri and states west of the Mississippi River, and $14 in areas east of the Mississippi.  That price could change later in the month, so harvesters are encouraged to get their nuts in quickly after they fall from the trees.

The crop still looks good in much of southern Missouri, from Stockton to West Plains (including Springfield).  Other areas, including eastern states like Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio, have a moderate crop but not as big as last year.