CROP UPDATE: November 7th, 2017.

Category Black Walnut Harvest Update, Uncategorized | Posted November 8, 2017

The 2017 Harvest of wild Black Walnuts is just about over. Most of the 238 hulling
locations in 14 states finished yesterday. However, a few locations remain open for folks
to bring in the last of their harvest – most of them in the eastern areas of Ohio, Indiana,
and Kentucky where the harvest has been plentiful.

The crop overall has been very good – over 25.3 million pounds purchased so far, with
more coming in every day. It looks like we’ll finish very close to our goal of 30 million
pounds. Southern Missouri produced well but the pace slowed the last couple of weeks,
while central Missouri and eastern states of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky had above-
average crops – and many are still hulling. Leading locations now are: Rochester, IN;
Apple Creek, OH, Springfield, MO; Nappanee, IN; and Centreville, MI. Missouri and
Kentucky had several locations in the top 25.

Since October 1, thousands of people in the Midwest have enjoyed the outdoors, picking
up the nuts that fell naturally in yards and fields. And taking them to one of 238 hulling
stations where the nuts were hulled and the harvester paid – the highest price ever of $15
per hundred pounds (after hulling).

Now in this month of Thanksgiving, we’re thankful for the excellent harvest weather and
for all the thousands of folks who made memories – and some money – in this fall’s
Black Walnut Harvest.

Stay tuned for a wrap-up with final totals in a couple of weeks!