CROP UPDATE: November 1st, 2017.

Category Uncategorized | Posted November 1, 2017

Harvest of wild Black Walnuts is still going, with 5 days to go.  

The crop so far has been very good – over 21 million pounds purchased, well on the way toward our goal of 25-30 million pounds.  Southern Missouri has produced well but the pace has slowed, while central Missouri and eastern states of Indiana, Ohio, and Kentucky are still going strong.  Leading locations now are:  Springfield, MO;  Rochester, IN.  Brookline, MO; Centreville, MI; and Carthage, MO.  

With another beautiful week of weather, thousands of people will enjoy the outdoors, picking up the nuts that have fallen naturally in yards and fields.  And taking them to one of 238 hulling stations in 14 states, where the nuts are hulled and the harvester is paid – still the high price of $15 per hundred pounds (after hulling) at this time.  Buying will continue at all locations through next Monday, Nov. 6.

We’re looking forward to a strong finish to this memorable Black Walnut Harvest!