Harvest Update

Category Uncategorized | Posted October 28, 2016

The 2016 Black Walnut Harvest continues, with very strong activity in southwest Missouri and moderate activity in other parts of the 11 state harvest area. Most buying stations have been busy for three weeks, some with lines of folks waiting to sell the nuts they’ve collected. The great October weather has been perfect for thousands of people to pick up the abundance of wild nuts the trees produced in yards and pastures throughout the Midwest.

The total harvest so far is about 13 million pounds. With 10 days to go (including 2 weekends) and great weather predicted, we still hope to achieve the 25 million pounds needed for full employment at the plant and for customer needs in 2017.

Buying will continue at all hulling locations through Monday, November 7. The current price is still an all-time high – $15 per hundred pounds after hulling (west of the Mississippi River) and $14 per hundred pounds after hulling (east of the Mississippi).