Harvest is Winding Down

Category Black Walnut Harvest Update | Posted November 4, 2015

The 2015 Black Walnut Harvest is just about over.  While hulling stations in Missouri and most areas have closed, several in the eastern areas of Kentucky, Indiana, Ohio and Michigan remain open for the next week or so.  That’s because the harvest is stronger there and folks are still bringing in nuts – and we can use them all!  The price remains at an all-time high of $14 per hundred pounds (after hulling).

As we’ve noted before, the harvest has been a little shorter than expected – especially in Missouri, which usually produces 65% of the harvest.  We’re still hoping that, with the added help from the east, the total harvest reaches nearly 10 million pounds.  This is down considerably from last year’s 22 million pounds and from the long-term average of 24 million.  Still, we’re thankful for the harvest and look forward to shelling these nuts in the months to come!

We’ll continue to post about the harvest totals as we wrap it up later this month. If you have black walnuts, please check our hulling locator page to contact the huller operator near you for possible hours of operation over the next week.